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The Founder and Managing Trustee

Born in Mumbai in 1954, deafened at the age of one and educated in Mumbai, Shri Anantadev Ji (his passport name is Ashok Rao) took up Krishna consciousness in 1981 after he was in search of Truth for a few years. Afterwards he did many spiritual social works for the deaf all over India, in USA (in 1986), in UK (in 2000). He has been invited to give spiritual lectures on Bhagavad Gita in many parts of India. In 1986 in Washington D.C., USA for one day he gave a speech to the deaf students of religion and philosophy at the famous university 'Gallaudet University' and received a beautiful appreciation letter of the hearing professor of religion and philosophy. Anantadev Ji settled in Bangalore in 1992.

One of Anantadev Ji’s aims is to spread spiritual messages of love, peace and compassion over the world.

His centres are presently located at Bangalore and Chennai.

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